4 Pinterest Dinners I’ll Make This Week

I've re-fallen in love with Pinterest. Mostly I love it for the food - it's easy to find recipes and keep them organized, and food bloggers take such great pictures, it's relatively easy to tell if it's something that will look good or not. This morning, I sat and pulled a few recipes that I plan to make this week - they all look good to me! 1 - Drip Beef (The Pioneer Woman) - We recently bought a lot of meat. A lot. We actually bought part of a cow from a farm in Pennsylvania. So we have all … [Read more...]

Udi’s Gluten Free Goodies – Yum!

udi's gluten free foods

My daughter has a friend in school who has Celiac Disease and can't eat anything with gluten in it. On the outside, this means her mom brings her own pizza and cupcake to birthday parties, she can't eat any school lunches and she brings her own snacks to playdates. My kids, who seem to have stomachs of steel, eat anything and everything in their path, and unfortunately, I'm pretty ignorant to the restrictions that come with a gluten-free diet. When my daughter has her friend over, I am … [Read more...]

Making Small Food Changes to Eat Healthier

fruit bowl

Back to school, back to school. YUCK. The YUCK is not because the kids will be back to school - I love when things are scheduled and we know where we have to be and when - and I think that my kids are both secretly glad to get back to school, see their friends and get back to their sports teams. THe YUCK is because we have to get up early (quite a chore especially for my 7-going-on-16-year-old daughter), both kids will have homework and we need to start packing lunches again (my most hated … [Read more...]

The Best Chicken You’ll Ever Eat

The Best Chicken You'll Ever Eat

I will admit it - a great chef I am not, but I am able to follow a recipe and make a good dinner once in awhile. I'm always intrigued by recipes with titles like "The Best You Will Ever Eat" or"The Most Delicious on the Planet" because I always wonder - if it's something that I can make, how could it really come out that delicious? As Pinterest soars in popularity, my cookbooks have started to collect dust on my shelf, and I've been able to find an overwhelming amount of recipes that are easy … [Read more...]

The Best $10 You Can Spend All Summer


We've written before about menu planning - decide in advance what you will make for dinner every night of the week and grocery shop according to that list.¬† The idea is that you'll save time (no more "what's for dinner") and save money (only one trip per week to the supermarket to get everything you'll need). Personally, I am not sure I could do this religiously - there are too many last minute issues that come up in our house - someone has a rescheduled sports game, late playdate or just plain … [Read more...]

Fantastic Photo Cookie Party Favors


Birthdays are always big productions in our family and we always wind up celebrating each one multiple times. Of course, my daughter's 6th birthday last month was no exception to that rule. Starting with a trip to NYC and a visit to American Girl, followed by her school celebration, family celebration and birthday party, it went on for 4 days. To go along with the birthdays, my kids' cakes have always been a big production. We've had a princess castle, Dora's forest, a hockey cake and … [Read more...]

Gluten Free Equals Gross? Not With Udi’s!

Udi's Gluten Free

Whenever I hear of someone having an allergy or sensitivity to gluten, my heart breaks a little and I clutch my bagels and brownies a bit closer. I am a self-diagnosed wheat addict. That being said, when I received a box of Udi's Gluten Free foods to sample, I thought the UPS man had the wrong house. Having now tried a few of Udi's products, I am comforted to know that my gluten-free friends are not relegated to a joyless life without wheat. The Snickerdoodle cookies? Ridiculous. Delicious, … [Read more...]

I Learned About Healthy Eating From McDonald’s

On most afternoons around 4pm, I am able to momentarily come out of my work haze and realize that pretty soon, my family is going to need to eat dinner. I then panic because I also realize that although the last time I went to the supermarket I loaded up on all different kids of meats, these meats are sitting in my freezer, hard as a rock, because I forgot to plan ahead and defrost something. At this point, I usually opt to make something for the kids that doesn't need to be defrosted, like … [Read more...]

Why Pinterest is Making Me Gain Weight


Have you joined Pinterest yet? Well, I have and I can already see that this new means of social networking is going to make me put on a few extra (and unneeded) pounds. I am definitely not a cook. It's a fact that anyone who knows me can attest to. It's not that I don't think I would be good at it or that I can't follow a recipe or that I don't have a great space to cook and prepare foods. I mean, every Thanksgiving we have about 30 people at our house and believe me, it is a major cook-fest. … [Read more...]

Healthy, Delicious Granola (and it’s local!)


Granola can be a tasty, good-for-you snack if you choose wisely. Unfortunately, what you sometimes find in the supermarket has so much added sugar, that all the health benefits seem lost in a sea of calories. A better option is to make your own, or select varieties packed with healthy ingredients. I recently had the chance to try some of Pure Bliss Eats' granola and I was happily impressed! Pure Bliss Eats is a Long Island-based bakery. From their website:¬†Pure Bliss Eats has a mission to be … [Read more...]