5 Tips For Navigating Airport Security With Your Kids


by Erin Sforza Security screening can be an intimidating experience these days. As a new mom about to fly with an infant for the first time, I had a few questions and was sure I wasn’t the only one. Here are five things I found are essential to making security check-in a much less stressful part of your holiday season. Be Prepared Make sure you check the TSA guidelines as they change often. Arrive early for screening, and make sure your liquids are packed according to the rules. If you are … [Read more...]

Tips for Traveling With Kids

Not sure about travel with kids? Here are 10 tips you need to know before you go.

Remember before you had kids, the leisurely vacations you would take? Going out for every meal to fancy restaurants, laying and napping by the pool or on the beach, sightseeing from early in the morning to late at night? Well, my friends, those days are gone. Sorry. Having kids doesn't mean your travel days are gone, but travel with kids is very different than travel as adults. Very Different. It’s been said many times that life is about the journey, not the destination. When traveling, … [Read more...]

Travel Review: CoCo Key Water Resort, Waterbury, CT


Following our recent visit to the Connecticut Science Center, we headed about 30 minutes away and spent the rest of the weekend at the Holiday Inn in Waterbury, home of the CoCo Key Water Resort.  My kids, the water bugs that they are, were very excited for this weekend, as we had visited a water park this last summer for the first time during our vacation on the Delaware shore.  They were looking for a repeat performance, only indoors - they really couldn't even imagine what it would be … [Read more...]