Plainview Moms Opening Their Hearts – And Their Closets

plainview cl copyLike many moms, I’m a member of a number of local “mom” geared Facebook groups. Some of the groups are more active than others, but one group that I can always depend on is Plainview Moms. These moms are on top of their game, filled with knowledge about doctors, contractors, schools, common core – you name it and one of the members knows about it.

About a month ago, one mom, a teacher, had posted to the group about a student of hers whose family was in need  – the child had one set of clothing and lived in a shelter with her family. The teacher was asking local moms if they had any clothing to donate for this family and there were almost immediately many, many, many offers to help. It was quickly realized that this issue was not isolated to this one specific family, and the moms wanted to reach out to others who needed help.

Over the course of the month, Plainview’s Closet collected donations of clothing and shoes in all sizes from infants through teens. Donations from local families have poured in, collecting so many things that various families were organized to store the donations in their homes until they could be distributed. Lisa Fogelson and Ali Kusinitz spearheaded this project, which is, undeniably a total community effort.

The mission of Plainview’s Closet is to provide members of our community who are in need  with clean clothes, a friendly face, and the comfort of knowing we are a family of neighbors here to help each other, free of prejudice and judgement.

The idea was born to have a day where families in need could come, no questions asked, and shop the donations. But the families wouldn’t need to pay, and no one would ask any questions. It would be an “UnShop”, if you will.

This past weekend, the group worked with Manetto Hill Jewish Center to truly open Plainview’s Closet for the first “unsale” and families were able to make appointments to come and “unshop”. All of the appointments have filled up but the response from the community has been so amazing that the “unshopping” will continue with open hours on Tuesday night (November 12) from 6 – 8pm and Wednesday (November 13) from 10am – noon. If you know a family in need, please pass this on to them. If you are a family in need, do not hesitate to attend one of these open times.

Just as a PS, there are a few things to note about the items in Plainview’s Closet. All clothing is freshly laundered, pet free, smoke free, in gently used condition (no stains) and ready to wear. Underwear and socks are all new and in sealed packaging. No questions are asked of the shoppers.

For more information about Plainview’s Closet, e-mail or visit the Plainview’s Closet Facebook page.

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